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Corona Virus COVID-19

Dr. José J. López Gálvez
Dr. José J. López GálvezCEO of UR International Group

How can we not mention the health situation created by the covid-19 pandemic

This infection has come to stay; and that makes us have to put up with a new medical situation to which we have to adapt and overcome, but altering our daily lives as little as possible. And most importantly: keeping in mind our vital project of creating a family.

What I mean is that although we must take measures with regard to reproductive techniques, we know that it is not transmitted by gametes (eggs and spermatozoa) and that these techniques are absoulutely safe. Any risk of contamination of gametes and embryos within the IVF laboratories is minimal or non-existent, due to the multiple cleaning and sterilizing processes required by culture and freezing protocols.

Although there are no studies, it is assumed that neither sperm, oocytes or embryos have receptors for SARCS COV2 and therefore transmission is impossible. Current data tell us that it does not pose a greater risk of abortion or early gestational loss in.pregnant women infected with COVID-19. There is no clear evidence of intrauterine transmission of COVID-19, so in this connection it is highly unlikely that this type of infection should produce any.congenital defects.

Cases of pregnant women infected with COVID-19 have been reported during their pregnancy who have developed premature births and delayed fetus growth. So it is logical to continue with protective prophylactic measures such as the use of a medical mask, disinfecting surfaces and social distancing.These are essential measures

Logically, in order to create a biosecure environment within our facilities, not only for patients but also for all staff, and in addition to the containment measures described (records, medical history, basal temperature, disposable shoe covers, medical masks, hand washing, etc..) all our staff have been tested for COVID-19, that must be negative as a pre-condition for working in our Unit. And we apply to all our patients a PCR-test prior to egg collection procedure in IVF and logically, should it result positive, we would advise against the implementation of the technique.

However, what I want to convey is that if we apply all these measures we must lose the fear of the achievement of the greatest dream: to have a healthy childbearing and a healthy childbirth.

We are expecting you with all the confidence, safety, experience and professionalism always at all the locations of the UR International Group.

AENOR Protocol against Covid-19

UR Vistahermosa has the «Certification of action protocols against COVID-19» granted by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) as a health center that complies with all safety measures to guarantee the health and well-being of its patients in the current state of a global pandemic.

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